I changed the dates on the Court Closed Days (CCD) screen for the new year, but JIS is still allowing hearings to be set on a Court Closed Day.  What is wrong?

If you have already ACCEPTED the default dates provided by the Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) on the CCD screen, you should receive either a Warning (W) message or a Fatal Error (E) message when attempting to set a hearing on a Court Closed Day. (See Setting Warning/Fatal Messages on the CCD Screen below.)

If the default dates on the CCD screen have NOT been accepted, deleted, or modified for the new year, a message displays at the top of the CCD screen:  "Default court closed dates and times displayed" and "Database updates pending."  To accept the defaults, someone in the court with Update security access to the CCD screen (your site coordinator, court administrator, or other designated personnel) will need to press <ENTER> on the CCD screen for each new year.  Thereafter, the warning message no longer appears for that year.

NOTE:   If a hearing was already set into the new year on a Court Closed Day PRIOR to adding additional dates on the CCD screen for that year, you will not be able to accept the Default and Additional dates due to this conflict. When you do try to accept the Court Closed Days for the new year, an error message will appear that states "Cannot set day/time closed, Proceedings scheduled."   All hearings will need to be removed from the future Court Closed Day before you can accept the CCD Defaults and Additional dates for the new year.  The Fatal Error message WILL NOT appear, however, if you are only accepting the default dates and not adding additional dates.

See the NOTE in Answer ID: JIS allows hearings on Court Closed Days for screen illustrations.

Setting Warning/Fatal Messages on the CCD Screen:

When processing the CCD screen, the default closed holiday and weekend dates are pre-designated with an "E" flag, which will cause a fatal error when attempting to set a hearing on that date.  Hearings will not be allowed on dates flagged with E on the CCD screen.

For any Court Closed Days the court has added or modified, the error message flag can optionally be set to "E" or to "W", which will cause either a Fatal Error message or a Warning message to display when setting hearings on those Court Closed Days.  Hearings may be allowed on dates set with W on the CCD screen.  Default Weekday dates are pre-designated with a "W" flag for the Midnight to 7:59 am and the 5:00 pm to Midnight settings.

The Court Closed Days chapter of the Online Manual contains detailed information about Court Closed Days, including step-by-step instructions on how to Set Up Court Closed Days.

See also:  Answer ID: JIS allows hearings on Court Closed Days.

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