When do I use the Dismissed reason for adjudicating an FTA?

The Dismissed reason on the FTA screen is most often used when a case has been dismissed, either in court or per Court Policy.  However, the Adjudication Reasons refer to the action taken to clear the FTA, not the disposition of the case, so it can be used when the FTA was dismissed, but the case remains open.

Some courts use the Dismissed reason when a special situation arises that is not covered by the other Adjudication reasons.

For example:

An FTA is issued properly but the Judge later orders it to be Adjudicated.  The FTA has been neither Paid nor is a Court Appearance Scheduled.  In this instance, the Dismissed reason could be used to indicate that the FTA itself was dismissed by the Court.  However, this procedure should not be done on Infraction Traffic (IT) type cases where the FTA Fee is to remain imposed.

Please review the Effect of Adjudication Reasons topic of the On-line Manual for Courts of Limited Jurisdiction for more information on how the FTA Adjudication reasons can affect the Create AR (CAR) screen.

For complete FTA instructions, review the FTA Process - Courts of Limited Jurisdiction section of the On-line manual.

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