The Court Closed Days display correctly on the Court Closed Days (CCD) screen, but we are still allowed to set hearings on these dates without getting an error message.  How do I correct the CCD screen so hearings cannot be set on Court Closed Days?

The Court Closed Days (CCD) screen needs to be updated each year for the future year PRIOR to setting hearings in that year. 

If JIS is allowing hearings to be set on Court Closed Days, your court's CCD screen will need to be updated.   A site coordinator, court administrator or other designated personnel who has Update security access should access the CCD screen and accept the next year's dates. The Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) has added statewide defaults for Weekday hours and Holidays through the next five years. The court may accept these defaults for each year without modifications or may accept the defaults and then modify them to reflect the court's scheduling practices.  The court should check these dates annually, confirm they are correct for the court and have been accepted.

Failure to Accept or Modify the dates for a new year by pressing <ENTER> on the CCD screen will cause the default dates to NOT be in effect. JIS will allow hearings to be set on the "closed" dates WITHOUT displaying any warning or fatal error messages.  If someone with Display Only security access to the CCD screen views the Court Closed Days, he or she will not be able to see any dates until the dates have been accepted. 

When the default dates are not accepted, deleted, or modified, a message displays at the top of the screen "Default court closed dates and times displayed" and "Database updates pending", as shown below:  

CCD Message Before Pressing<ENTER > to Accept Next Year's Dates" rel="noreferrer">">

To accept the defaults, simply press <ENTER>.  A "Maintenance completed" message then appears at the top of the screen, as shown below:

Maintenance Completed Message on the CCD screen

When you re-access the CCD screen, the warning messages at the top no longer appear. 

It is suggested that the court set up Court Closed Days for as many years into the future as the court normally schedules proceedings.

NOTE!  If you are completing the CCD screen near the end of the calendar year and your court has ALREADY scheduled hearings into the new year, you may find that some of those proceedings fall on dates that you are now wanting to set as Court Closed Days.  If this is the case, the CCD screen will NOT allow you to accept the new year's Court Closed Days until any proceedings scheduled on those dates have been re-scheduled to valid court dates, as shown in the image below:

Cannot Set Hearings Fatal Message on CCD Screen

You can run the Calendar Load Report (CLS screen) for each of the first few months of the new year to find any hearings scheduled on Court Closed Dates for the next year.  Once all the hearings are rescheduled to valid dates, you will be able to process the new Court Closed Days on the CCD screen.

Once you have processed the CCD screen for the new year, you will no longer be able to set proceedings on those dates, as shown in the image below of the Set Court Date (CDT) screen:

Invalid Hearing Date Message on CCD Screen

The Court Closed Days chapter of the Online Manual contains detailed information about Court Closed Days, including step-by-step instructions on how to Set Up Court Closed Days.

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