What paper and other printer supplies are available from AOC and what needs to be ordered from an outside vendor?

Following are the types of printer and printing-related supplies that the courts can order through the Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC):

 Printer Supplies

Paper and Forms

  •  Receipt printer ribbons

  • Receipt printer paper rolls

  •  Report printer ribbons

  • Continuous-form paper

  • Continuous-form labels

  • Continuous-form statements

  • Form-5

To order any of the supplies listed above, please see Answer: Ordering Court Printer Supplies

The AOC does NOT supply other pre-printed court forms that the court uses to print Hearing Notices, Citations, and Warrants.

  • For Hearing Notices and Warrants:
    • Superior Courts:  Please see the Washington State Court Forms page of the Washington Courts Web site.
    • Courts of Limited Jurisdiction: Contact any vendor who routinely provides these forms to JIS courts in Washington State. Such a vendor can be an Approved Vendor from the list above, or any other vendor who can print them in the proper format.

      For samples of Hearing Notices, please access the JIS Online Manual and enter the sample form you are seeking in the Search field in the upper right corner of the screen and click Go.  For example, type infraction hearing notice sample, or Notice of Civil Hearing Sample, or Summons/Bill Notice Sample, etc. to display a list of links you can click to view form samples.

      For a sample warrant form, see Warrant of Arrest Sample

      For questions, please use eService Center to contact AOC Customer Services: select Topic: Case Management, type your question in the Question Data area, and click Submit to AOC.

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