How do I add or delete an AKA (alias) relationship in JIS? After you have used Person Business Rule 3.30 - Criteria for Matching a Person to confirm that there are two or more person records for the same person in JIS and to determine that the records should be linked rather than combined, an AKA relationship should be set up in JIS.  An AKA relationship can be created by:

  • Pressing F11 from the PER screen, or by
  • Using the AKA command in JIS. See the detailed instructions below for:
    Adding an AKA Using the PER/SND Screens Access PER (Individual Information - Inquiry/Update) screen for the True Name record to start the process, then complete the steps below.
    • Press F11 (copy) to display a new person record with the same address information as the True Name.
    • Select "Create an Alias" by placing an X next to that option and press <ENTER>.
    • Type the AKA name in the Name fields and press <ENTER>.  The SND (Search name Duplicate) screen displays.  Search for an existing record for the AKA name you want to add.
    • Enter the DOB (date of birth) or other identifying information (DOL #, State ID #) and press <ENTER>.  A JIS search is performed, and any matching records are displayed.
    • Press <F9> to search DOL (same process as entering a new person record).  If the record is found, press <F6> to copy the DOL information into JIS.  (Since this is an AKA name, there should not be a match, as the True Name should be the one with the DOL number.)  Per Person Business Rule 9, if there are two DOL records you need to notify DOL.)
    • If there is an existing record, select it with an X and press <F4> to accept this record as the AKA.
    • If no existing record exists, press <F2> to add the new record as the AKA, updating any additional information needed for the record.  Then press <ENTER>.

      Result: You should now have a new person record that was linked by JIS as an AKA to the True Name record with which you started. The AKA record will appear in both JIS and JCS automatically. You can view the True Name/AKA link by entering the AKA command with any of the person records that are linked.

      Use the F8 and F7 keys to page forward or backward through the records if there are multiple AKA records.

  • Adding an AKA Using the AKA Screen
    When one or more JIS person records already exist in JIS that you want to associate with another person record in an AKA relationship, you can do so using the AKA screen.  You must be in the record for the True Name prior to typing AKA in the command line.  The follow the steps below:

    • If you already know the other IN number/s you want to add as an AKA to the True Name, type A (Add) in the Action Field at the left of the screen and enter the IN number to add as an AKA.
    • Type AKA in the Type Code Field (or DBA for Doing Business As) and press <ENTER>.
    • Result: The AKA link will be added. You can view it by going back into the AKA screen from any of the linked person records. Additional AKA's can be added in the second space available on the screen or by pressing F2 from the AKA screen to add additional blank spaces.

      Use the F7 and F8 keys to page forward or backwards through the list of AKA's if there are multiple AKA's.

    • When you locate two or more JIS person records that have been linked as AKA's incorrectly, you need to break the AKA link in order to separate the DCH (Defendant Case History) for those separate persons.  After you have used Person Business Rule 3.30 - Criteria for Matching a Personto confirm that the records are truly linked incorrectly, complete the following steps:

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