What DOD (date of death) sources of information are acceptable as authorization to update the PER (Individual Information Inquiry Update) screen?

According to Person Business Rule 6.30 - Record Date of Death based on Authoritative Documentation, authoritative documentation is required before entering a date of death on the PER screen for a human being.  (DOD information is not entered for business entities.)

Accepted authorities include:

  • DOC (Department of Corrections).
  • DOL (Department of Licensing).
  • DOH (Department of Health).
  • Your local coroner's office.
  • Any other agency deemed acceptable by your court's local policy.

    (You may wish to confer with your judge or prosecutor about local policy regarding court proceeding requirements.)  

Requests for death certificates can be emailed to the Department of Health at ContactCHS@doh.wa.gov and must contain the decedents' name and date of death.  The requests must state that they are for a court and must include the mailing address for the court in order for them be processed at no cost.

The court may need to write off any balances owed to the court by the deceased individual.  Please see Answer: Writing Off Old Fines for more information.

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