What should our juvenile department do with our unneeded Tally impact printers and paper?

Tally impact, or line printers, were used in JUVIS to print Form 5, Form 6 and JUVIS Reports to provide referral or criminal histories for a juvenile department.

For the Juvenile and Corrections System (JCS), Juvenile departments will need to keep one Tally printer to print weekly JCS Audit Reports and Name Person Change reports (NPC) from the Print Menu (JDPM).

However, if your juvenile department has more than one Tally printer, please submit a request for pick-up of the extra printer(s) to AOC Customer Services: use eService Center and select Topic: Printers/Computer/Security/Access. Enter your request for pick-up of the number and model of surplus Tally printer(s) and paper in the Question Data area and click Submit to AOC.

If you wish to print reports from the print domain to your laser or inkjet printer, you will first need to transfer the report from your print domain to a file on your computer. For instructions on how to do this, please see Answer: Transfer (Download) a File from a Print Domain to a PC.

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