When an adult files a Sexual Assault Protection Order petition order on behalf of a minor, how can the court include only the minor (and not the adult petitioner) as the protected party in the Sexual Assault Protection Order?

To file a Sexual Assault Protection Order (SXP) case under these circumstances, the court should enter the adult as the petitioner and the child a Minor (MNR) party.

Use the Order Add (ORDA) screen to add the order. In the Decision field, indicate that the Minor is protected (P) and the Respondent is restrained (R). Leave the Decision field blank next to the Petitioner's name.

When you press <F10> to Save the order, a warning displays: "More parties available for order(s) or press PF12 to exit." Press <F12> twice. Although JIS warns that changes are being discarded, the order is saved.

The Order Change (ORD) screen for this order shows that the minor is protected. The petitioner no longer displays on the ORD screen.

If the court has already added both the petitioner and the minor to the order, delete the petitioner from the order by typing d in the Selection (Sel) field next to the petitioner's name on the ORD screen.

The petitioner is removed from the order but is still a participant in the case.

RN id: 1654