How do I find an RCW (Revised Code of Washington)?

If you know the RCW Number:

Click the Legal Resources/RCW link from the Inside Courts home page to go directly to the list of RCWs in numerical order by Title. (You can manually navigate to this same page from the Washington State Legislature's Web site, then click Laws and Agency Rules in the left navigation sidebar.)

Click the Title number of the desired RCW, then the Chapter number, then the Section number.

For Example: To view the text for "RCW 4.16.100 Actions limited to two years", click Title 4, then Chapter 4.16, then Section 4.16.100.

Search for an RCW whether you know the number or not:

  1. Click the Search link located at the very top of the Legislature Web site home page.
  2. In the Search box located in the Search Legislative Documents area (the second and larger shaded search box in the middle of the page), type the RCW number or text description.
  3. Be sure to check the "RCW & Dispositions - As of ....." checkbox in the list under the Search box, or else you will see a message to do so.
  4. Then click the Search button next to the Search box where you entered the RCW number or text description.
  5. You must SCROLL DOWN to see the Search results, as they display below the area where you entered your search information.

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