What happens when someone without Sealed Case Security tries to add a Sealed Will Repository (SWR) case in SCOMIS?

As authorized by RCW 11.12.265, Superior Courts can file a Will under seal before a testator's death. To add a new case for a sealed will repository, the court adds a case in SCOMIS using Cause Code SWR.

When a case with cause SWR is added to SCOMIS, it is automatically sealed with limited access as soon as the BASIC screen is saved. If a clerk, who does not have security to sealed cases, tries to use the SCOMIS ADD CASE command to file a Sealed Will Repository case, the clerk will not be able to finish filing the case because access will be denied to the NAMES and DOCKET screens for that case.

Instead, the SCOMIS command screen redisplays with the following messages:

Case xx-x-xxxxx-x BASIC added.
Case Sealed, Need Security to Proceed.

A clerk with sealed case security can finish adding the case using the VERIFY CASE command.

RN id: 1641