What is the source of the court's address and other information printed on the LFO Billing Statement?

Described below are the sources of the following court information used by the LFO system:

  • Court Mailing Address.
  • Court Name.
  • Court Clerk/Administrator.
  • Presiding Official.
  • Message: "This court uses www.OfficialPayments.com"  

Court Mailing Address

The LFO (Legal Financial Obligation) program uses the current mailing address as shown on the OFO (Official/Organization Update) screen in JIS (for the court's person record, e.g. CT S99). Only one court address is sent to the printing and mailing vendor. This same address is used as the return address on the billing form itself and as the mailing address on the return envelope.

Court Name

LFO uses the court short name that appears on the CPFM (Court Profile Maintenance) screen in JIS. The short name was chosen because space limitations on the LFO form necessitated abbreviations. The CPFM short name is abbreviated by the court.

Court Clerk/Administrator's Name

LFO uses the Presiding Official Initials from CPFM screen in JIS to get the court clerk/administrator's name, e.g. AM XXX S99. The clerk/admin's name is combined with the court address to form the court's return address for the LFO billing form.

Presiding Official

LFO does not use any address information from the presiding official person record.

Message: "This court uses www.OfficialPayments.com"

The LFO system inserts the message "Payments may be made online at www.officialpayments.com" if the court has a Y in the Official Payments field on page 2 of the CPFM screen.  To remove the message, change the CPFM entry to N.   (There is no option to change the official payments message to a different Web site.)

  • See the LFO Mailing Process page of the online manual, click the AOC Mailing topic, then scroll down below the yellow-highlighted Note section.
  • See the CPFM screen page of the online manual (scroll down to the last field description).

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