What are the rules for updating an incorrect name spelling in JIS?

According to Person Business Rule 5.00 Spelling Names:

  • 5.10 - DOL Name Spelling Prevails (if the spelling of the same person's name is different on the court document).
  • 5.20 - Spelling changes are disallowed to the first five (5) characters of the last name, the first letter of the first name, and the first letter of the middle name.  (See Person Business Rule 4.00 Assigning Alias (AKA) and True Name Status to a Person Record.)
  • 5.30 - First and Middle Names on JIS May Be Enhanced in the following instances:

A. DOL "*"....
B. A JIS or DOL first name initial
C.A JIS or DOL name may be enhanced

Applying the Person Business Rules consistently and correctly to the statewide person data base is an important responsibility of the courts. This ensures the integrity of the person data base and provides a complete defendant history for judicial purposes.

If you have any question about applying the Person Business Rules in a particular instance, please contact the Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) Customer Services by one of the following methods:

  • Use eService Center and select Topic 3. Case Management.  Enter your question in the Question Data area and click Submit to AOC.  You will receive a reply via e-mail, which will be stored under your My Stuff tab for future reference.
  • Call Customer Services: (800) 442-2169, and select Option 3.

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