How can I correct the Sex code on a person in JIS when the message "D2053F Parent of a 'Juvenile', can't change sex code" displays when I try to correct the code?

Only juvenile courts have access to the Delete/Add Family Relationship procedure described below.  If you lack the necessary access, contact your local juvenile court for assistance, or contact AOC Customer Services using eService Center and select Topic 3. Case Management, and request that Customer Services call you back.  Or, call Customer Servicese (Option 3) to request assistance.  (Juvenile names and identifiers should NOT be entered into an eService Request.)   

Procedures to correct the Sex code for a person who has an existing relationship with a juvenile (when you have the necessary access):

  1. On the Family Relationship History (FRH) screen for the juvenile, select the parent who has the incorrect Sex code, delete (press F9) the relationship, and save.
  2. On the Individual Information Inquiry/Update (PER) screen for the parent who has the incorrect Sex code, change the Sex code to the correct code, and save the update.
  3. Use the PER screen again, this time for the juvenile, and re-establish the relationship.  (Use F11 to copy and create the relationship.)

See also:  RN id 303: Deleting family relationship history on the FRH screen.

RN id: 1605