Why can't I access the CIV screen for cases with ALT, MI or MIJ Cause codes?  I can access CIV for other Causes.

In JIS for courts of limited jurisdiction, there are three restricted civil Cause codes:

  • ALT - Alcohol Treatment
  • MI - Mental Illness
  • MIJ - Mental Illness Juvenile

Access on the Civil Case Filing (CIV) screen to cases with restricted Cause codes must be specifically granted to each user. A user with no access to restricted Cause codes will not be able to add, display, or update ANY screen in JIS for those cases.

Access may be granted by an AM-type user on the Authorization Overrides (ATHX) screen for Authorization Type U for the CAUSERTR Utility function.

See the following sections in the JIS Online Manual for courts of limited jurisdiction:

RN id: 1598