How do I use the JCS Site Coordinators' ListServ?

The JCS Site Coordinators' ListServ was created by the Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) as a tool for both the juvenile courts and the AOC to use in the following ways:

  • JCS members ask general business process questions of their peers.

  • JCS members share staff names, functions, and phone numbers with other juvenile courts. This enables courts with questions about a specific process to contact directly the correct person at another court without having to go through the court's switchboard.

  • AOC sends JCS Release Notes to the JCS Site Coordinators.

  • The AOC business analysts send documents to courts with new codes, processes, etc., right away before the document is posted in the online Manuals.

  • The AOC trainers distribute JIS information that was previously sent via the TAO mainframe e-mail, the JIS News and Views newsletter, and hard copy memos, including document attachments that could not be sent with TAO.

  • AOC sends notifications to the JCS Site Coordinators regarding application issues.

  • AOC sends to the Site Coordinators a monthly list of the Top 20 Answers Viewed on the eService Centers by the courts and by the public.

  • Other important JCS-related information can be sent between the courts, from the courts to the AOC, and from the AOC to the courts.

To send an e-mail to the JCS Site Coordinators' ListServ, use the following e-mail address:


Note:  When replying to an e-mail received from the ListServ:

  • Select Reply to reply ONLY to the person who sent the message.

  • Select Reply All to reply to the ENTIRE ListServ.

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