Where can I view the JIS equipment replacement policy and schedule?

The JIS General Policy for replacement of JIS equipment in the courts is located on the Judicial Info System (JIS)/Policies/JIS General Policies/Equipment page of the Inside Courts Website.

As stated in the JIS Policy, the JIS provides a one-for-one replacement of JIS-supplied and JIS-funded equipment on a five-year cycle; although, the Washington State Administrative Office of the Court's (AOC) ability to provide JIS equipment to the courts is also dependent upon each biennium's budget approved by the state Legislature.

If you think your court is due for equipment replacement during the current biennium, use eService Center to submit your inquiry to AOC Customer Services. Select Topic 1: Computer/Printer/Security/Access. In the Question Data area, type your question about if/when your court is slated for equipment replacement during the current biennium, and click Submit to AOC.

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