How do I enter a deferred prosecution on the PLS (Plea/Sentence) screen?

For courts of limited jurisdiction: please refer to the Finding and Judgment Processing page of the JIS Online Manual.

NOTE! When entering the Case Condition code as described in the above documentation, DO NOT USE Case Condition code RVW (Review) to track Deferred Prosecutions.  Instead, use one of the available DP (Deferred Prosecution codes) listed below:

 DP1 Deferred Pros Review, year 1
 DP2 Deferred Pros Review, year 2
 DP3 Deferred Pros Review, year 3
 DP4 Deferred Pros Review, year 4
 DP5 Deferred Pros Review, year 5


Using the code RVW in a Deferred Prosecution case can cause the Warrant Order (WRO) screen to NOT be accessible without first removing the Review Date on the PLS (Plea/Sentence) screen.  The DP1 - DP5 codes do not require you to remove the Review Date in order to access the WRO screen.

RN id: 1542