How was the LFO Billing Cutoff Date changed in 2006?

In the spring of 2006, the Washington State Legislature appropriated funds for expansion of the Legal Financial Obligation (LFO) billing.  The funds are earmarked for billing accounts receivable (ARs) created earlier than July 1998.  On April 3, 2006, the LFO Billing Eligibility Cutoff Date was moved back to December 31, 1993.

The LFO billing application determines the date of an AR by the date the AR was created in JIS (JASS).  The judgment date is not used in this calculation.  Since counties converted to JIS during 1994 and 1995, even the oldest LFOs are dated May 1994 or later on JIS.

Therefore, under the new eligibility cutoff date, bills are sent to ALL ARs, regardless of date; assuming the cases are not under Washington State Department of Corrections (DOC) supervision and other conditions are met.  This may include judgments that are more than 20 years old (perhaps considerably older).  To identify these old judgments, see Identifying Old LFOs in the LFO Billing Case Information section of the LFO Billing Procedures in the JIS Online Manual.

RN id: 1534