How does a new court become part of JIS?

To submit a request for a new Judicial Information System (JIS) court or a reorganization of an existing JIS court in Washington State, please submit a request to Customer Services of the Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts, as follows:

Use eService Center selecting Topics: JIS Case Management. In the Description area, include the following information:

  • Incident or Ticket Number (if one has already been assigned)
  • Court ID (if known at this time)
  • Court Name
  • Court Address
  • Court E-Mail Address
  • Type of organization change:
    • New JIS Court
    • Court is Closing
    • Court is Consolidating
  • Court's Implementation Date on JIS (for a new court only, if known at this time)
  • Court's First Day of Business
  • Court Administrator Contact (name, phone number, e-mail address).

Then click the Submit button. The AOC will contact the court administrator to make further arrangements.

RN id: 1514