Is the DOL Reporting and Requirements manual online?

Yes.  These manuals are provided by the Washington State Department of Licensing (DOL) for use by superior, district and municipal court judges, court personnel, prosecutors, and misdemeanant corrections.  They are available for downloading from the Resources for Courts page of the DOL Web site:  There is also a link to this Web site from the Court Resources/Court Management/DOL Reporting & Recording Reqs page of the Inside Courts Web site. 

Note:  You can see the list of "Moving Violations" in WAC 308-104-160.

All manually reported dispositions, Pre-Trial IID additions/removals, records corrections, and other items manually reported to DOL must be reported using their DIAS application.  To access the DIAS User Guide, please see the Driver and Plate Search (DAPS) and Driver Information & Adjudication System (DIAS) web page on DOL's web site.  The User Guides can be located under Step 4 on that page.  If a user needs access to DOL's DIAS application, request access by contacting DOL's Data Services department at 360-902-3708.


For questions regarding reporting, specific records, processes, urgent and non-urgent issues, please email the DOL Law and Justice at:  For general, non-urgent questions on specific records, you can email the Customer Record Support group at A list of email addresses and phone numbers are attached at the bottom of this answer. Please remember most of the email addresses and phone numbers in the attachment are for court and justice partners to use only, they are not for providing to the public.  Please only provide numbers listed under the Public Phone Numbers section to public users.


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