Our court has a new administrator. Where can I find information on court administrator related tasks?

Application Related Training:

Help Courts is a website designed by the Court Technology Education group, that offers a variety of self-paced and virtual application related training. It also contains the Help manuals for all applications.

  1. A calendar of Learning Sessions for court applications offered by the Court Technology Education group, is available on the Help Courts site.  
  2. The Learning Sessions are recorded and available anytime under Learning Sessions at the top of Help Courts in the black navigation bar. 
  3. A library of online, self-paced tutorials is available for all court levels, and all applications.


If the AOC does not have a class scheduled that meets your time frame, you may wish to get in touch with the courts-helping-courts program for your court.


For District and Municipal Courts:


The District and Municipal Court Management Association (DMCMA) Web site, court support sub-committee page. (Follow the link to Committees to view the current members of the court support sub-committee.  E-mail contacts are available for the DMCMA president and webmaster on the DMCMA Website or you may refer to the online Court Directory to locate an e-mail address or telephone number for a court support sub-committee member.) The committee may be able to put you in touch with a buddy court in your area or help you arrange for other courts-helping-courts sessions.

For Superior Courts:


The Association of Washington Superior Court Administrators (AWSCA) provides assistance to new Superior Court Administrators on a case-by-case basis.  Contact the current AWSCA President.


County Clerks:
The Washington State Association of County Clerks (WSACC) clerk mentoring program.  Contact the current mentoring program committee chair of the WSACC.


For Juvenile Courts:

Contact the Education Committee chair of the Washington Association of Juvenile Court Administrators (WAJCA).

See also:  The Conferences page of the Inside Courts Website


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