Why wasn't the active warrant removed from the JCS Referral/Offender/Criminal History Reports when the warrant was quashed or served in SCOMIS?

If a warrant was entered in JUVIS prior to the Juvenile and Corrections System (JCS) conversion, the warrant will remain active in JCS even though the Warrant Quashed or Warrant Served entry was made in SCOMIS after the JCS conversion.

To take the warrant out of Active status in JCS:

  1. Click Search > Advanced Search
  2. Search for the Referral # (or Case #) with the active warrant
  3. Click Referral > Maintenance > Dispositions
  4. On the Disposition screen:
    • Add the appropriate disposition (Warrant/Pick-up Order Cancelled, or Warrant/Pick-up Order Served)
    • Associate the disposition with the appropriate referral

For detailed instructions, see the following JCS Help sections:

RN id: 1459