When is the next INCE (Institute for New Court Employees)?

The Institute for New Court Employees (INCE).  

Reason for it:

Public confidence in our court system is precarious. Many times the court's line staff, county clerks, bailiffs, administrators, and managers are the first and last stop for the public. Often times they are the first point of contact for jurors, media, pro se litigants, defendants, interpreters, and other court users and the final point of contact for persons required to file orders, pay fines, or complete other administrative tasks. The manner in which court staff present and conduct themselves and the business of the court is critical to maintaining and promoting public trust and confidence in our court systems.

Target Audience:

The INCE is designed to improve the employee's understanding of the court system, build job-related skills and decision-making abilities, foster cooperation amongst courts, enhance professionalism, and address the ethical challenges faced by court employees.  It is geared towards new court employees and bailiffs with less than two years' experience in the judiciary.  Bailiffs who have not received prior training are also encouraged to attend.

Information and Registration:

The Education/Education Events/Conferences page on the Inside Courts Web site contains links to pages for past and future conferences sponsored by the AOC or the Court Education Committee (CEC). Specific content and registration information is posted approximately two months before the conference date.

If the event you seek is not listed on the Conferences page, please search for it on the AOC Events and Training (master) calendar located at the bottom center of the Inside Courts home page. This calendar contains conference dates for a broader range of conferences and the entries appear earlier on the calendar than they do on the Conferences page (but without links to registration and program material).

After a conference, materials for the CEC and AOC-sponsored conferences will be available from the link to the conference from the Conferences page.

For questions, please contact:

Pam Dittman, Court Education Professional
Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts
(360) 705-5280

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