What are the different applications available in JIS?

The following applications available to the courts in the Judicial Information System (JIS), along with their descriptions and court usage are listed in the table below.



 Used by

ACORDSAppellate Court Record and Data System (Web-based application)Washington State Supreme Court and the three divisions of the Washington State Court of Appeals
ETP  Electronic Ticket Processing (Web-based application) Courts of Limited Jurisdiction
JABSJudicial Access Browser System (Web-based application)Available to all Washington State judicial officers
Juvenile and Corrections System (Web-based application)

Juvenile courts; replacing the JUVIS system in 2005-2006
JISJudicial Information System (formerly called DISCIS - District and Municipal Court Information System; mainframe/legacy application)District and municipal courts; superior courts only for information which must reside in the shared statewide person database
JRSJudicial Receipting System (mainframe/legacy application)Superior courts
JUVISJuvenile Information System (mainframe/legacy application)Discontinued after June 2006, when all Juvenile courts had converted to JCS
ODYSSEY Superior Court Case Management System (Web-based application) Replacing SCOMIS in Superior Courts June 2015 - November 2018
SCOMISSuperior Court Management Information System (mainframe/legacy application) Superior courts

These applications are available under Judicial Info System (JIS) > Access JIS on the Inside Courts Web site.

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