When is the annual Report published on the Web for the year just ended?

For both superior courts and courts of limited jurisdiction, the updated year-to-date figures are published to the Caseloads of the Courts of Washington page of the Washington Courts Web site when each new month's caseload figures are uploaded to the Web site (within 3-6 weeks of the end of the reporting month).

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Therefore, when the December reports are uploaded (between the end of January and mid-February), the year-to-date reports (January through December) are also uploaded and provide full-year figures for both individual courts and (at the top or bottom of each table), the statewide totals.

NOTE: From the Caseload Web site, it is possible to sign up for e-mail notification whenever a new month's data are posted to the Web site.

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In addition, a few extra tables are published once a year and commonly referred to as "the Annual Report." The Annual Report is published shortly after calendar year's end and is available under the Annual link located under each court level heading on the Caseloads of the Courts of Washington page. Figures on the Annual Report are identical to those in the "Year-to-Date" report for January through December, but the annual report takes longer to publish (mid to late April), as it provides additional displays of the same data (such as five-year statewide trends and information on court staffing).

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