In JCS, how does our court add responsible officials to the Responsible Official zoom?

Additions and deletions to the Zooms can be completed in JCS by using the Official Maintenance Screen (OFLUPD).

  1. The official must first exist as an active official within your court on the Official/Organization-Inquiry/Update (OFO) screen. The court administrator performs the following functions:
  2. If the official already exists but the record has been end-dated, remove the end date for the official on the OFO screen.
  3. If the official's record does not exist, use the Official/Organization-Add (OFOA) screen to add the official for your court in JIS.
  4. If the official's record does exist, but for another court, use the OFO screen to change the official's court to your court ONLY IF the official no longer works for the other court.
  5. If the official still works for the other court, DO NOT edit that record, but rather use the OFOA screen to add another record for the official, associating the official with YOUR court.
  6. NOTE:  AOC must add School or School District OFO records into JIS for you. To submit a request for a new School or School District to AOC Customer Services, use eService Center and select Topic 3. Case Management.  Enter the Name of School and the School District in the Question Data area and click Submit to AOC.


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