Does the AOC have to approve all forms used for filing parking offenses?  What forms should I use to file photo enforcement cases?

IRLJ 2.1 requires in pertinent part that the Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) must approve the forms used to file cases alleging the commission of parking, standing or stopping infractions.

Many jurisdictions are considering implementation of photo enforcement for these infractions.  By statute enacted during the 2005 legislative session (RCW 46.63.170 Traffic safety cameras (2)), traffic offenses enforced by photo are to be treated as parking offenses for purposes of case filing.  Since they are to be treated in the same manner as parking offenses, this would require that the AOC approve the forms used to file photo enforcement cases.

To submit a parking or photo enforcement form to AOC for review and approval, do so through the AOC eService "New Support Ticket" Topics: JIS Case Management/BIT Reporting.

See the parking and photo-enforced notice of infraction forms requirements checklists at:

RN id: 1377