When a Referral is sealed or destroyed in JCS, why does it still show up in JUVIS Sent to JCS Read Only?

When changes are made to referrals in JIS or JCS, those changes are NOT reflected in "JUVIS Sent to JCS Read Only." After converting to JCS, JUVIS should only be used to verify converted data. As stated on the "JUVIS Sent to Read Only" introduction screen:

"'JUVIS Sent to Read Only' contains only pre-conversion data for juvenile departments that have been converted to JCS. It is NOT the official record and should only be used by converted departments for research in post-JCS conversion clean-up.

"All departments must use JCS to obtain current referral history for converted departments, and JUVIS to obtain current referral history for non-converted departments, until all departments have been converted to JCS."

RN id: 1339