Is there an online glossary for definitions and acronyms related to JIS, computer terminology, legal terms, Latin terms, etc.?

Yes.  There are several online glossaries on the Inside Courts and Washington Courts Web sites:

Glossaries on the Inside Courts Web site:

1.  The Education/Glossary page contains the following glossaries:

  • All Terms
  • Acronyms
  • BIT Terms
  • Computer Terms
  • Data Warehouse Terms
  • Java Terms
  • JIS Terms
  • Juvenile and Corrections System (JCS) Terminology
  • Legal Terms
  • Latin Terms
  • Software Engineering Terms

2.  The Court Resources/Manuals/Manual for Courts of Limited Jurisdiction/1.8 Legal Glossary section.

3.  The Court Resources/Manuals/County Clerk's Handbook/Section 17. Glossary.

Glossaries on the Washington Courts Web site:

1.  The News & Info/A Guide to Terms Used in Washington State Courts/Glossary of Terms.

2.  The Caseload/Supreme Court/Annual/Glossary/Supreme Court Glossary.

3.  The Caseload/Court of Appeals/Annual/Glossary/Court of Appeals Glossary.

4.  The Caseload/Superior Court/Monthly/Glossary/Superior Court Glossary.

5.  The Caseload/Courts of Limited Jurisdiction/Monthly/Glossary/Courts of Limited Jurisdiction Glossary.

See also:   RN id 1527: Listing of ACRONYMS used by the courts in Washington.

RN id: 1333