After linking a SCOMIS number and Referral number, the Referral History Report shows the Referral number at the top of the report and the SCOMIS number in the middle. Is this okay?


  • If the REFERRAL qualifies for a section (on the Referral History Report), it will display first, before the linked case.
  • If the CASE qualifies for a section on the report, it will display before the linked Referral.
  • If both the CASE and the REFERRAL qualify for a section on the report, they will appear twice on the report, (but may be in different sections):
    • Once with the Referral first, linked to the case.
    • Once with the Case first, linked to the referral.

For more information, please refer to JCS Help>Report Description>Juvenile History>Referral History. Scroll down near the bottom of the page and click the link: "Click here for Details" under the REMAINING SECTIONS heading.

RN id: 1326