How do I set up JIS security for a court staff member?

For information, instructions, and a demonstration of how to add an official record for the new staff member, refer to the Officials & Organizations section of the JIS Online Manual - Administrative Tasks.

Please refer to the JIS Security Overview section of the Administrative Tasks Manual for complete information, instructions, and demonstrations of how to set up new security access for a new staff member or for modifying or deleting access for an existing staff member.

The JIS Security Process Flowchart in this section provides an excellent overview of the JIS security process.

Another good resource is the JABS User Security section of the Administrative Tasks Manual.  This sections helps put the together the steps that are needed to create the record and to add the appropriate security. 

NOTE:  JIS Users that have never updated user records or security should review all three sections of the manual prior to adding or modifying any records. 

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