If an infraction has a CD (Committed after Deferral) finding/judgment code, is the case retained in JIS for 7 years?

Yes.  The steps in the destruction process are described below.

  1. The JIS Plea/Sentencing Update (PLS) command stores the deferral date on each charge whenever one of the DF, CD, DD codes is used on an infraction charge.
  2. The charge deferral dates are stored with the case for use by JIS Destruction of Records (process).
  3. When JIS Destruction of Records processes a case, it checks for the presence of deferral dates and then for the most recent deferral date.  If there is a most recent deferral date and it is less than or equal to seven (7) years old, the case is retained.

    IMPORTANT NOTE:  Court representatives decided that deferred infraction cases should be reported to the court for destruction of the paper records after only three (3) years even though the online record is retained for seven (7) years.



RN id: 1308