Must a responsible official have an OFO record in JIS in order to appear on the drop down-menus (Zooms) in JCS?

Yes, a Responsible Official must have an Official/Organization (OFO) Person Record in the Judicial Information System's (JIS) Person Database in order to appear on drop-down menus in the Juvenile and Corrections System (JCS).

This is also true for a Disposition Authorizing Official and Alerts Authorizing Official.  Similarly, referring agencies and hold-for agencies must have OFO records in the JIS Person Database.  Therefore, if the person or organization is not in JIS, the court must first create an OFOA record before requesting that the person or organization be added to the appropriate drop-down list.

See also: Answer ID: New Official Maintenance (OFLUPD) feature in JCS.

RN id: 1304