If an ICAOS offender travels to another state, does a travel permit have to be issued?

A travel permit does not have to be issued for those who wish to travel, vacation, or work short-term unless the offender is relocating to another state.  This action is not a requirement of the Interstate Compact on Adult Offender Supervision (ICAOS). 

The only travel permit that does apply is when expediting a transfer for an offender who commits a crime here but is already a resident of another state.

Further information is contained in the attachments at the bottom of this answer.  One is the March 27, 2006, Notice on ICAOS from the Misdemeanant Corrections Association representatives, and the other is a quarterly exchange letter from the IACOS Administrator.

For detailed information about the ICAOS program, there are three Web sites (below) to assist you as well as an attached document listing contact information.

The Washington State Interstate Compact for Adult Offenders under Supervision (ICAOS) Website, a link to which is located on the Organizations/Other Washington Organizations page of the Inside Courts Website. This site includes the following information:

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