What does 'Victim Sensitive' mean on the Interstate Compact on Adult Offender Supervision (ICAOS) request for transfer?

The "Victim Sensitive" box indicates that the victim would be notified regarding the transfer if it is checked on the request.

The box for "Victim Sensitive" should NOT be checked on the request for transfer.  There is no obligation under Washington law to notify victims that an offender is relocating.  Washington law does not go beyond initial release from custody for notification purposes and is generally regarded to apply only to the Washington State Department of Corrections (DOC) offenders being released from prison.

For detailed information about the ICAOS program, there are three Web sites (below) to assist you as well as an attached document listing contact information.

The Washington State Interstate Compact for Adult Offenders under Supervision (ICAOS) Web site, a link to which is located on the Organizations/Other Washington Organizations page of the Inside Courts Web site. This site includes the following information:

  • Advisory Opinions.

  • Bench Book for Judges & Court Personnel.

  • On-line Forms.

  • Rules.

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