How do I add, change, or remove a DCXT (County Department Code Cross Reference) Table entry?

Adding Records to the DCXT Table:

1.  Print the DCXT Worksheet:

The Worksheet indicates the BARS and subaccounts for which DCXT entries are REQUIRED.  You can make notes on the Worksheet about any local codes you wish to enter.  Then use the Worksheet as your guide in making the DCXT Table entries.

2.  On the DCXT screen:

DCXT Navigation screen

3.  Press <ENTER>:

DCXT screen processed

4.  Type the begin date for the entry in the From Date field.  This date must be on or after the effective date for the BARS.

5.  Press <ENTER>.

6.  Repeat Steps 2-5 for each BARS and sub-account.  DCXT entries must be made for each jurisdiction.

Detailed instructions on adding, changing, or removing entries in the County Cross Reference Table (DCXT) are located in the JIS Online Manual, County Department Cross Reference Table (DCXT) section.

To request a list of your court's current DCXT entries, use eService Center:

  1. Select Topic: Accounting.
  2. Enter your request in the Question Data area.
  3. Click Submit to AOC.

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