I received an Error 508 message when making a new docket entry in SCOMIS. The full error message reads: "SYSTEM ERROR (PROGRAM INTERNAL ERROR) 508."

This is a new problem affecting superior courts since the conversion of the first juvenile courts to the Juvenile and Corrections System (JCS). This error occasionally prevents the insertion of new docket entries.

If you encounter this error message, please use eService Center to contact the Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) Customer Services. Please select Topic: Case Management. In the Question Data area, please provide the case number and a short description of what you were trying to do when the error occurred.

For example: "Case Number 05-2-99999-9. Tried to insert two new docket codes between Sub-Numbers 7 and 8."

For an updated status of this problem, please check the Announcements area of the Inside Courts home page.

RN id: 1196