I am having a problem printing the Word version of the JCS Status Code online manual from the Manuals/JCS Code Manual page of the Inside Courts Website. When I try to bring up the Word version of the Status codes, I get the Conditions Table instead. Other code manual documents print only the first page. When I click the "Download Instructions" link, an error message displays.

Most of the code tables printed without any problems.

This problem appears to occur at a limited number of courts and the reason for the problem is unknown. Given time, the infrastructure team at the Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC), working with the court's IT team, could probably determine the problem. However, it will be much faster for you to print the document after it has been converted to PDF (portable document format), which prints problem-free.

For technical reasons, there is no plan to add a PDF version of the document to the online Status Codes. Instead, a PDF version of the Status Codes is attached at the bottom of this answer.

PLEASE NOTE! The Updated date that is part of the document name indicates when the attached document was last updated. You can compare this date with the JCS Code Manual/Recent Updates page to make sure the static attachment below contains the most recent information from the updated online version.

If you experience problems when downloading or printing any other online manuals for Juvenile Departments, or you need an updated copy of the attachment below, please use eService Center and select Topic: Case Management. In the Question Data area, enter your request for the desired document(s) to be e-mailed directly to you in PDF format. If you are not able to receive the larger documents via e-mail, you may request that the AOC send you a hard copy via regular mail.

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