We would like to hold a Saturday court session. Do we have to notify the Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC)? It will be published in the paper that we will be holding this special session as it will be a warrant amnesty court.

No, the court does not need to notify AOC that it will hold court on a Saturday. RCW 3.50.110 sets out sessions of municipal courts. It indicates that courts shall not be open on non-judicial days. "Non-judicial days" is not defined in statute; however, RCW 1.16.050 lists legal holidays which are presumed to be non-judicial days. Saturday is not a legal holiday.

Clearly notifying citizens of the jurisdiction of court days and hours is desirable. The AOC would be interested in receiving any report analyzing the amnesty success.

See also:

RCW 3.30.050 - Courts of Limited Jurisdiction
RCW 2.08.030 - Superior Courts
RCW 2.04.030 - Supreme Court and Court of Appeals

RN id: 1178