In using JCS to update referral and detention information, I received a data entry error, clicked the "Go Back" link, and lost the data I had previously entered.

This problem has been reported to the Juvenile and Corrections Integration (JCI) Project team who are working on a solution which will be installed prior to June 27, 2005.

This occasional problem may occur when a zoom (other than the calendar) is used on the same screen where a data entry mistake is made (such as entering an invalid code). The data entry error is caught by the system and displayed on a message screen with a Go Back link. When the Go Back link is clicked, the data entry screen may redisplay as refreshed, having lost all previously-entered data. The occurrence rate of this scenario is under one percent during updates to the Juvenile and Corrections System (JCS) referral and detention information.

This problem is random and could occur on any screen. The solution is to reenter the data (without making any data entry errors) and process normally. Your patience with this occasional problem is appreciated while the JCI Project team works on a resolution.

RN id: 1176