How do I e-mail a PDF file I downloaded from the Web and have displayed on my PC?

To e-mail a PDF document you have downloaded from the Web and is currently open and displaying from your browser, you MAY be able to simply click the e-mail icon from the Adobe Acrobat® toolbar at the top of the screen, as shown at label A in the image below. However, if the document name in area B shown below shows an extension name OTHER than pdf (such as cfm, jsp, php, html, etc.), your recipient will probably not be able to display the document properly when he or she opens the attachment you have sent.

Email Icon

If pdf is not the displayed extension in area B of the image above, you will first need to save the document and then attach the document to the e-mail message. Instructions for this process are included below.

1. Save the document by clicking File from the Adobe Acrobat® or Acrobat Reader® Menu at the top left, then click Save As, as shown below:

File_SaveAs option to save a PDF file

2. From the Save a Copy dialog window that displays:

  1. Select the desired location for the document from the Save in box at the top of the window. REMEMBER THIS LOCATION so you can attach it to the e-mail you wish to send.
  2. Accept the default document name displayed in the File name box at the center bottom of the window, or type over the displayed file name with a new file name. Leave the ".pdf" extension at the end of the document name. If you erase the extension, make sure that "Adobe PDF Files (*pdf)" is displayed in the Save as type box below the File name box.
  3. Click Save in the lower right of the window.
  4. It does not matter whether you close the PDF file or leave it open before proceeding.

3. Access your e-mail program and compose a new e-mail.

4. Use the Attachment option in your e-mail program to browse (locate) the PDF file you saved in Step 2.a. above and attach it to the e-mail you are composing.

5. Follow the normal procedures for your e-mail program to enter the recipient's e-mail address, the subject, the message, and to send the e-mail.

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