How do I make a copy of a screen image and save it so I can attach it to an Incident?

Please follow the steps below when saving a screen image to send to the Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) Customer Support. It is very helpful for the AOC to have a copy of the error message or other screen image when diagnosing a problem. Please take a few moments to capture the screen image, save it to your computer, and then attach the image to your request when you submit your Incident from eService Center.

  1. If you are able to select (highlight) the pertinent message you need to send to the AOC Customer Services, you can avoid Steps 2.a. - 2.i. for saving and attaching the entire screen image. Instead, follow Steps 1.a. -1.f below:
    1. Highlight the pertinent text using your mouse.
    2. Right click the mouse and select Copy.
    3. Access eService Center and log in if necessary (you will be prompted if you are not already logged in).
    4. Click the cursor into the Question box.
    5. Right click the mouse and select Paste. The error message you copied should appear in the Question box.
    6. Finish describing your problem in the Question box and click Submit to AOC.

  2. If you need to submit the entire screen image, or are unable to highlight the image, follow Steps 2.a. - 2.i.below to capture, save, and attach the image to the Incident you submit to the AOC:
    1. With the screen to be captured displayed on the computer monitor, hold down the ALT key near the lower left corner of the keyboard, and press the PRINT SCREEN key, located near the upper right corner of the keyboard. This captures the entire screen and places it on the computer's clipboard.
    2. Open a blank document in Word®.
    3. Hold down the CTRL key near the bottom left or right of the keyboard and press the "V" key or choose Edit, then Paste. This pastes the screen image into the Word® document. If the image is too wide to display on the page as-is, you may use the File/Page Set-up options to change the document from Portrait to Landscape mode, and/or to make the margins narrower.
    4. Save the document to a location of your choice on your computer.
    5. Access eService Center and log in if necessary (you will be prompted if you are not already logged in).
    6. Click the cursor into the Question box and describe the task you were performing when the problem occurred.
    7. In the Attach Documents to Question or Request area, click Browse, locate the screen image you saved in Step 2.d. above, and click Open.  This will place the document name in the window to the left of the Browse button.
    8. Click the Click to Add Attachment button.  This will move the document name to just above the Browse window.
    9. Click Submit to AOC.

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