How do county clerk staff determine what modifiers (Abuse/Neglect, No Parent/Guardian Willing/Capable, Abandonment), if any, are included in a juvenile Dependency Petition?

Paragraph 1.4 of the pattern form Dependency Petition (attached in PDF format at the bottom of this answer) has checkboxes for each of these modifiers:

1.4 The child is dependent according to RCW 13.34.030, in that:

(a)the child has been abandoned as defined in RCW 13.34.030;

(b)the child is abused or neglected as defined in Chapter 26.44 RCW; or

(c)the child has no parent, guardian or custodian capable of adequately caring for the child, such that the child is in circumstances which constitute a danger of substantial damage to the child's psychological or physical development.

RN id: 1151