If a court exhausts referral sequence numbers on the original referral (R010 through R019), will conversion pick up additional referrals related to the original set of sequence numbers (R030 through R031) without the SCOMIS number being attached?

A change is being made to the conversion process, so related but out-of-sequence referrals will be converted successfully based on the endorsement of the following rule. The conversion process will successfully convert related, out-of-sequence RO numbers regardless of where an RO number exists and regardless of what or how many RO numbers lie sequentially between it and its related referrals if there is a SCOMIS case number on the original referral series and on the first RO number in any subsequent related series. If the rule is not followed, then the conversion process will reject the out-of-sequence RO number and report it on an exception report.

RN id: 1131