I would like to know when court forms are updated on the Washington Courts Web site.  Can I receive an e-mail notification when a court form has been changed?

Yes. On the Notification Services page of the Washington Courts Web site, you may register to receive an e-mail notification when a form is added or revised.

This page also contains notification services for:

  • Appellate Court Opinions (these include the Washington State Supreme Court opinions) for the last 90 days.
  • Caseload Reports for Washington State Superior Courts and Washington State Courts of Limited Jurisdiction.
  • Press Releases and Judicial News.
  • Weekly Digest for Washington Courts.

In addition, as a court staff member, once you have logged into the Inside Courts Web site (http://inside.courts.wa.gov), you will have access to an expanded set of services for Court Users Only from the Notification Services page. Registration for court users includes signing up to receive e-mail notifications when updates are made to:

  • JIS News and Views Newsletter
  • JIS Course Information
  • JIS Online Manuals.

See also: Answer ID: How do I log in to the Inside Courts Web site and why is logging in required?

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