ACORDS displayed an INVALID USER OPERATION error message on the Manage Events screen when I tried to add an event, which read:

Invalide User Operation Error Message

What does the error message mean?

The event type you tried to add was end-dated as of the specified date (01/28/2003) and is no longer available for use on the Manage Events screen.  Look for another event type that also describes the item you were trying to document and use it instead of the end-dated event type.

An event type gets end-dated when it is determined that:

  1. The event type is not valid for the court, or
  2. The event type is too similar to some other event type which causes confusion and inconsistency in docketing across appellate divisions.

An end-dated event type cannot be removed from ACORDS if it has been used in any ACORDS cases(s).  The event coding has to stay in place so those cases with the end-dated event type can still display the event (even though the event description is not what is currently in use).

RN id: 1020