How far back do cases at the Court of Appeals or Supreme Court go in the ACORDS application?

Between fall 2002 and summer 2003, Washington appellate courts started to use a new Web-based case management system (ACORDS).  Each division of the Washington State Court of Appeals and the Washington State Supreme Court had its respective cases converted to the database for the Web-based ACORDS application.  The conversion cut-off date was calculated based on the disposition date (or if stored, the stored date) for the prior 15 years as of the conversion dates below:

CourtConversion DateCases Not CoveredCases Converted
COA, Division IMarch 23, 2003Case Disposition/Stored date March 22, 1988 or before.Case Disposition/Stored date March 23, 1988 or after.
COA, Division IINovember 17, 2002Case Disposition/Stored date November 26, 1987 or before.Case Disposition/Stored date November 17, 1987 or after.
COA, Division IIIJanuary 26, 2003Case Disposition/Stored date January 25, 1988 or before.Case Disposition/Stored date January 26, 1988 or after.
Supreme CourtJune 8, 2003Case Disposition/Stored date June 7, 1988 or before.Case Disposition/Stored date June 8, 1988 or after.






Example:  A Division I case was DISPOSED as of January 10, 1988.  Fifteen years from that date (retention requirement) would be January 10, 2003.  At date of conversion (March 23, 2003), the retention requirements had already been met; the case was not converted.

Contact an individual court if you have questions about cases prior to the courts conversion cut-off date.  You can find contact information for the Washington Court of Appeals on the Washington Courts Web site Court Directory page (

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