What are the procedures for retaining closed DUI files?  Is the record in JIS DISCIS enough or does the actual file folder need to be saved?  Our court is running out of filing space for driving under the influence (DUI) cases. 

Court Rule 7.2 (CrRLJ 7.2 ), as amended June 4, 1997, requires a permanent record of the judgment and sentence for criminal charges. For courts that enter cases in the Judicial Information System (JIS, formerly DISCIS), that permanent record is maintained in an electronic form within JIS.  The JIS maintains the permanent record of the charge and disposition.

For records after June 4, 1997, there is no need for JIS courts to retain the hard copy of the judgment and sentence and/or the physical file folder beyond the retention period set by the State Archivist (three years after final disposition). The retention schedule for District/Municipal Courts is located on the General Retention Schedules Records and Information Management Publications for State and Local Government Agencies page of the Washington Secretary of State Web site.

For cases with a judgment and sentence filed before June 4, 1997, courts should retain the judgment and sentence and the physical case file for three years after final disposition.  Courts should consult with the Regional Archivist prior to destruction of these records. Contact information for the Washington State regional archives is located on the State Archives page of the Washington State Secretary of State Web site.

For courts that do not participate in the JIS, the permanent record of the criminal judgment and sentence must be maintained by the court.

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