How do I set up a password-locked screensaver?

The JIS policies include the following rule on the use of password locked screen savers:

    "Password locked screen savers shall be used on all personal computers connected to the JIS from the courts or connected to the AOC network and must be set to initiate the screensaver no more than 15 minutes after the last use."

To set up the password locked screen saver feature on your PC:

1.  Click Start icon on the Windows' task bar in the lower left corner of the screen.

2.  Choose Settings/Control Panel/Display as shown below. Depending on your display options, the selections may be shown as folder icons or other images, but the sequence of the selections remains the same:

Setting/ControlPanel/Display sequence

3.  From the Display Properties box, click the Screen Saver tab as shown below:
Screen Saver Tab

4.  Select any screen saver from the drop-down list as shown below:
Select Screen Saver

5.  Select a wait time of 15 minutes or less, and click (check) the On resume, password protect box to turn this feature on as shown below:
Select Wait Time and check Password Protect

6.  Click Apply and then OK as shown below:
Click Apply, then OK

When the screen saver is displayed, your network or PC logon password will be required.  Contact the AOC Customer Services, Option 1, if you need assistance. Please note, however, that the AOC cannot reset your network or PC password.  If you should forget your network or PC password, you will need to contact your court's computer support technician. 

Please Note:  Effective August 4, 2004, the Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) made a change to JIS security consistent with the JIS Security Policy and Plan.  This change affects RACF logon passwords only (i.e., your initial logon to the mainframe and TPX menu or to a Web-based application such as JIS Calendaring or ACORDS).  It does not affect your password within the JIS application itself (i.e., on the JIS Main Menu or the JABS logon screen).

For instructions on using the new password standards, please see: Using Password Standards When Creating or Changing a JIS/JCS/Odyssey Sign-On (RACF ID) Password

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