How do I request the report that shows cases with non-traffic liquor-related charges (Liquor Law Report)?

The Liquor Law Report is prepared for your court upon your request to the Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) Customer Services.

The report lists all active cases that have a non-traffic liquor-related RCW within a specified time period (maximum 1 year). The report lists the RCW, case number, violation date, filing date and includes a case count subtotal by RCW. Request the report from Customer Services using the eService Center.

To request the report, use eService Center, select Topic: All Other Topics, and in the space provided, type your request as follows:

"Please prepare the DG7400PX DISCIS LIQUOR LAW REPORT and send it to my print domain (specify the print domain). Report dates from (specify the beginning date) through (specify the end date)."

RN id: 918